Sweet Dreams!

I had a chance to watch the movie “inception” a few weeks back. It is a cool movie..with an idea not so new but presented in a classic way. Having studied psychology, I understand that one does not always have to take such great pains to implant an idea in a person’s mind….ofcourse in the movie it was a particular situation! Anyways, the point I was coming at is that for years now we all have been implanted by a number of  ideas through the media. Media, whether print or electronic is an important aspect of our lives.

What we get to see, hear or read actually starts to effect our thought processes in the long run. Without realising most of us actually believe what we see, hear or read! How many of us actually question the authencity of the news we see, hear or read? Probably very little! I mean, come on….we all have such busy lives! Why in the world would we stop and think about something that is apparantly not related to us but in acuality..it does effect us in one way or the other! If we could just stop whatever we are doing and take a few deep breaths and analyse our own lives and those around us, things might seem different from what we may have assumed. Could it be that this world is actually a dream and we are all living it according to what is implanted in our brains? I feel that the mere fact that we are forced to believe the “reality” through the medium of (mis) information shows how free our own thinking is!

Sometimes some people are lucky (I think!) when they get an awakening! I mean who would want to wake up from a sweet dream! But then there are people who don’t like being sheep in a herd! I just wish that there were more people like that in the world.

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