Not now!

As someone rightly said, “If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.”. I do not know where to start really! It seems like yesterday when I was thinking of writing down something and then something else came up…and before I had realized, I actually, postponed and later forgot about what I was going to write about! This was not unusual and certainly not the first time that it had happened. Much as I dislike to admit, I will be honest enough to state that I procrastinate! Now do not get me all wrong here! Although I do put off certain things/ tasks/ jobs…..surprisingly that is not always the case. Of course, life will be pretty disorderly if that was always the case.

I am successful as far as keeping up with the daily routine in life is concerned. However, I feel a little perplexed if a challenge comes along -usually like a change in the daily plans. I am basically not a fan of drastic changes……change is good but it is best only when it is slow, gradual and little by little. Well, seems to me that it is a lasting change if it is taking time to settle down in our lives. So, as I am analyzing my take on “changes aka challenges in life”, some part of me is saying that this is actually procrastination! What can I say. I am not one of those who take the bull by its horns and get over with it.

Besides procrastination, I know there is something more, that is at times, holding me back. I think I am one of those people who have vast interests and hobbies but they never seem to last long. These seem more like phases in my life that hold my attention only for a brief period. I am amazed at people who have pursuits and hobbies which they keep for maybe as long as they live. As I am writing this post I can recall how passionate I was about baking, cooking, stitching, watching the latest movies, working out at the gym, photography, teaching kids and even writing. Although, I still somehow manage to enjoy most of these interests, but what lacks is the consistency that should be there. There is always something more that I could have done or may be something even better. Perhaps, this is the result that I no longer cherish a particular task and forget about it pretty conveniently.

As I conclude my post, I have this to say to all of you. For each one of us, life is different and diverse in its own way. Just live your dream, do your best, and not be held back by the daily routines. What has to be done has to be done, so why wait? Time is on your side only if you make it yours.